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Thanks To...

First I am happy to have the time to work on this stuff thanks to my employer:

Project Description

Extensions for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 to enable integration between the FIM Service workflow and the FIM Certificate Management workflow.

Who is this for?

The code samples in this project are interesting if you match the following:
  • You have FIM 2010 deployed
  • You want to take advantage of FIM 2010 Certificate Management
  • You like using the workflow in FIM and do not want to spend time and effort extending the FIM CM workflow

This project is also a PowerShell experiment in disguise... The goal was to use the minimum amount of .NET code, and the maximum amount of PowerShell.
FIM 2010 is a IT Pro product, so PowerShell made the most sense from an extensibility point of view.

Solution Components

This project contains a few distinct components


A Class in C# that uses .NET Remoting to Extend FIM Certificate Management


A PowerShell Module that calls the .NET Remoting Proxy


A Workflow Activity that participates in FIM 2010 workflow by switching WorkflowData items for PowerShell variables

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